“You’ll get tired with all that running”, casually remarked a Swaledale farmer as we passed him near Marske.

Maybe, but what an exhilarating experience, going along light of feet at a pace that feels natural and allows you to be at one with your natural environment. Travelling lighter than walking yet not compromising on anything – plenty of photo stops, meeting the characters that you always seem to come across on the Coast to Coast, enjoying plenty of good food & drink (yes running it really does increase your appetite). All in the company of knowledgeable and experienced Coast to Coast trail running guides (including the director of Packhorse Mark Sandamas) who will look after your welfare, guide you along the way, manage the food stops and explain the various sights and activities you will come across. They will also carry key safety equipment.

It is also feasible to combine some non-running days, such as through cycling, a lift in our minibus or local public transport, if you feel you need a break.

Coast to Coast - Guided Runs Image