For those who like to run, then this may be the thing for you. The average pace is usually around 7-8km an hour, including regular breaks/halts to regroup, take photos, refreshments etc. Walking is also perfectly acceptable, especially on the big climbs.

You will need to have a good level of trail running fitness and stamina to cope with the varied terrain, ground conditions and possible adverse weather conditions that multi-day trail running of the Coast to Coast encounters. It is strongly advised for you to have completed two back-to-back long trail runs (of between 12-16miles each day) prior to this trip. You will be issued with a medical and fitness disclaimer to complete once we have processed your booking.

It is also feasible to combine some non-running days, such as through cycling, a lift in our minibus or local public transport, if you feel you need a break.

We have a guided running trip covering 192 miles over 10 days in 2018.

2018 Dates – 10 Day Schedule (Fully Booked)