Coast to Coast

An adventure
waiting to happen…

Walk, run or cycle across Alfred Wainwright’s iconic Coast to Coast Way for the adventure holiday of a lifetime.

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Coast to Coast Packhorse
The UK’s only travel company specialising in Alfred Wainwright’s C2C Way route.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sprinkle a little bit of magic to create unforgettable memories in our very own, beautiful, Great Britain.

Book Your Coast to Coast Holiday

Explore our most popular guided and non-guided tours below – You can book either a walking, cycling or running C2C holiday with Coast to Coast Packhorse.

Season Dates: Please note that our 2024 season runs from 1st April to 20th October, and provides the flexibility to book on any date throughout our season, except when booking the guided holidays with set dates.

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Type: Non-Guided
Price:  £571
Days: 4
Type: Non-Guided
Price:  £677
Days: 5
Type: Non-Guided
Price:  £785
Days: 6
Type: Non-Guided
Price:  £677
Days: 5

Explore the Coast to Coast Way

Are you a hiker? Trail runner? Cyclist? Choose your preferred way of traversing the UK Coast to Coast between St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay.