How long is the coast to coast walk?

Are you an avid hiker or nature enthusiast seeking a thrilling long-distance trek? Look no further than the renowned Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk. Spanning the picturesque landscapes of Northern England, this iconic trail offers an unforgettable journey from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. One common query among those planning this adventure is, “How long is the Coast to Coast Walk?” In this blog, we’ll provide you with the distances between key locations and cumulative mileage, allowing you to grasp the scale of this incredible expedition.

How long is the C2C walk?

The Coast to Coast Walk covers approximately 190 miles (305 kilometers) of diverse terrains, charming villages, and breathtaking natural beauty. Starting from the charming coastal town of St Bees, the trail winds its way through awe-inspiring locations, presenting a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in three of England’s national parks.

LocationMileage from Previous LocationMileage between Key LocationsCumulative Mileage
St Bees0
Ennerdale Bridge5.51414
Kirkby Stephen12.752183
Danby Wiske14131
Ingleby Cross/Osmotherley9/1123140/142
Clay Bank Top1212152
Egton Bridge2.5172.5
Robin Hood’s Bay1220190

*If you are not staying in Bampton then you do not pass through on the way to Shap. The distance Patterdale to Shap direct is 16miles.

Distance between key locations

Key Locations and Mileage: To give you a better understanding of the journey, let’s explore some of the key locations along the Coast to Coast Walk and their respective distances. Please note that the following mileages are approximate:

  1. Ennerdale Bridge: Located 14 miles (22.5 kilometers) from St Bees, Ennerdale Bridge welcomes you to the trail’s first significant milestone.
  2. Grasmere: After traversing around 37.5 miles (60.3 kilometers) from the starting point, you’ll find yourself in the picturesque village of Grasmere. Take a moment to soak in the tranquility of this enchanting spot.(Stop by in Kirkby Stephen and meet the C2C Packhorse team for a coffee in the office – or pint in the local pub!)
  3. Richmond: Continuing your adventure, you’ll arrive at Richmond, situated approximately 117 miles (188.3 kilometers) from St Bees. Explore the town’s rich history and vibrant atmosphere as you prepare for the next leg of the journey.
  4. Ingleby Cross / Osmotherley: At around 140/142 miles (225/228.5 kilometers), you’ll reach the charming villages of Ingleby Cross and Osmotherley. Here, the trail splits, allowing you to choose your preferred route towards your final destination.
  5. Robin Hood’s Bay: Congratulations! Your Coast to Coast adventure concludes at the captivating Robin Hood’s Bay, after a cumulative distance of approximately 190 miles (305 kilometers) from St Bees. Celebrate your achievement while reviling in the stunning coastal vistas.

Plan Your Coast to Coast Adventure

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